Windows vs Linux? Which is Right for your Server?

Every computer needs an operating system (OS), and servers aren’t the exception. Your choice can impact the way that you interact with your applications, and in this case, you have two main contenders to choose from: Linux and Windows.  Linux vs Windows  is a heated debate in server hosting circles, including website hosting.

It is entirely possible to run a website and not what OS your server is running. As an administrator you will probably spend all your time interacting with your content management system (CMS). There are some advantages to choosing what OS you’re going to use on your server, such as:

  • Some applications are only available for specific OS.  So, if you want to run specific software on your server, you’ll want to make sure you pick a compatible OS.
  • OS offer different customization options.
  • Each OS behaves differently, and picking yours enables you to choose your custom experience.

Choosing a website hosting solution will ensure your website is set up properly for your business. Let the experts at Cloudscale365 take care of the design and operation of your website server so that you can focus on the success of your business.

Here is a quick fact grid of hosting features for Windows and Linux OS platforms:

Feature Windows Linux
Hardware Platform Dell PowerEdge 1950 Dell PowerEdge 1950
Operating System Windows 2008 RedHat 5 ES
Database Available Yes – Microsoft SQL 2005 Yes – MySQL 5.x
FrontPage Extensions Yes Yes
Customer Control Panel Yes – Plesk 9.x Yes – CPanel v11.x
Email Included Yes Yes – POP/IMAP/WebMail
WebMail Access Yes Yes – 2 Webmail Clients
SPAM Control Yes Yes – SPAMAssasin
FTP Access Yes Yes
ASP and ASP.NET Yes Yes
CGI Yes – Not optimized Yes – Optimized
Perl Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Custom Add-ins Yes No
Custom File Perms Yes Yes – CPanel Controlled
Web Stats Logging Yes Yes – Standard
Server Monitoring Yes Yes
Redundant Server Yes Yes
Custom Site Config Yes Yes
Site Backups – Daily Yes Yes

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