3 Examples of How to Use SharePoint

How do you share information with employees, clients, and partners?  Here are three great uses for Windows SharePoint that can benefit your business:

#1 Web Portal
Keep everyone in your company organized and up-to-date with the latest information, both internal and external

#2 File server
Does your company have multiple locations or have many people working from home with limited remote access capabilities? No problem, SharePoint acts as a file server for your organization. Through a web interface, users can easily upload and download documents of any type or size. All SharePoint sites are password protected. If security is an issue, we can protect your site with SSL, the same technology that is used for online banking and to secure credit card transactions.

#3 Team or Project Website
Are you working on a project or managing a team? Are you having trouble keeping track of documents, schedules and tasks associated with your project or team? Again, SharePoint has the ability for you to keep track of schedules, documents and tasks associated with your team or project. You or your team can manage calendars, share documents and manage tasks. With the included email support, you have a complete solution for staying in touch with your team.

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