Data Protection from Ransomware Attacks

What does business continuity mean to you? 

Data protection is top-of-mind at organizations of all sizes, especially since the Kaseya ransomware attack impacted more than 1500 small to medium-sized companies. Pushed via an automated and malicious software update, the ransomware used in this attack has far-reaching consequences — and a $70M price tag for decryption.

Proactive data protection

Ransomware continues to be one of the most severe and serious security problems modern businesses now face. While CloudScale365 does not utilize or integrate with SolarWinds or Kaseya, nothing is 100% secure — we must remain vigilant.

We use a diverse platform of anti-ransomware tools that provide optimal security for our clients, none of whom were affected by the Kaseya attack.

If you aren’t protected, you’re at risk. We’re here to help — contact our experts today.

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